RARA Planning Committee

Co-Chairperson – Stella Lavallee (joined in 1999)
Co-Chairperson – Tammie Tuccaro (joined in 2016)
Volunteer – Sage Mitchell (Fort McMurray Public Schools)
Volunteer – Nathasa MacArthur-Poole (Fort McMurray Catholic Schools)
Volunteer – Crystal Lund (RMWB)
Volunteer – Brian Fung
Volunteer – Angela Woods

The Planning Committee is responsible for you guessed it…planning the annual banquet! The committee brainstorms ideas from the master of ceremonies, keynote speaker, entertainment, right down to the centerpieces. It is all about teamwork and they have fun!

RARA Nominations Committee

After all the nominations have been received, Co-Chairperson – Stella Lavallee, prepares all the nomination forms, by removing all information that can identify the nominee, following the Kepner Tregoe scoring system, before gathering a group of community volunteers to spend a long day of scoring and tallying all of the nominations for each category. This method is used to keep it a fair and objective process.

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